We are currently developing Passpartout for a complete release on Steam. It will take you into the magnificent world of French art, and let you release your inner artist as you seek to find your own place in various cultures. The weekly updates (from #13 and forward) contain content updates on the development, and the early prototype build that we created during december of 2015 is available for download on Gamejolt (view below).




These games were all developed each within the span of a week. None of these builds represent a final product, but rather try to define the core idea. They are all free to download.


Experience the world of french art as you climb the ladder of artistic fame.

More info and download here


Aim to eradicate a medieval village by infecting its villagers and evolving the disease as it spreads.

More info and download here

Jurgen the Elf Snatcher

You’re Jurgen. You’ve snatched all the elves.  Race down the mountain. Escape the super dangerous chopper. Don’t lose the elves!

We want your feedback, contact us through the cyberspace!

Download here

Play in web here



S: Increase gravity to gain momentum downhill.

Game was made during a 2 day Game Jam.