02 October

Weekly Update #20

Final asset implementation and resturants.


28 September

New, clean PC.

The joys of fixing a new, clean PC.


24 September

Weekly Update #19

This week has been all about facelifting the game and at this point has been about half lifted.


17 September

Weekly Update #18


Le epic updoot of dooooom! Since we didn’t provide an update last week, we are making this one a bit fleshier. We talk about moving into an office, puppet-making, and collaboration with awesome musicians.


02 September

Weekly Update #17


This week has been all about cardboard, shaders, cats, motorcycles, explosions, super cars and other exciting stuff! It has also been about QA testing.


26 August

Weekly Update #16


Character model for Passpartout himself is finished, and news regarding our cooperation with Sweden Game Arena!


20 August

Weekly Update #15

coth test

This week has consisted mostly of technical art in the graphics department. There’s been work done with Unity’s light probes, cloth physics, and other neat things to enhance the game’s performance as well as bogging it down. It almost evens out.


12 August

Weekly Update #14


This week we got some really fancy environment stuff put together, a cash register was also animated (most fun animation work ever, believe me).


05 August

Weekly Update #13

Soft relaunch of the weekly updates, featuring Baguette man 2.0!



After a few weeks off during holiday festivities and final exams from the last semester, we have emerged from the shadows! We have also come to a major decision regarding our prototypes and the future.


Hey, Mattias here. I wanted to write a bit about how we’re currently working and why. Hopefully this can serve as inspiration and/or help for a method of work as a game developer (though it could most likely be applied to similar fields but those are uncomfortable for me so I’ll stick to games). Let’s get to it!


20 December

Weekly Update #12


Our last updoot before Christmas. Contains tiny planets and other things!


During Ludum dare #34 we made a game where you play as the mayor of a procedurally generated town.

You could just play it here, or read on as I discuss more in depth the issues we faced with draw calls and SkinnedMeshRenderers in Unity (and then you play it).

Staten & Kapitalet Gameplay


11 December

Weekly Update #11

A vampire cosmonaut and a cow planet is on this week’s agenda, more inside.


04 December

Weekly Update #10

New prototype and all the juice about it!


27 November

Weekly Update #9


This week it’s all about baguettes and paintings!


20 November

Weekly Update #8

9. French People

Epidemic is now released and new prototype is started. More inside!


13 November

Weekly Update #7


This week it’s all about the plague!


As you might know, we have been working on a game called “DecoStep” for the last couple of months which aims to encourage physical activities such as walking and jogging. A few weeks back, after a couple of hours in a meeting room, we came to the decision that we should put the development of DecoStep on hold for now. All of us at Flamebait want to prioritize transparency with our consumers, so in this post we’re going to explain some of the reasoning behind this decision and what we intend to be doing in the coming months.


06 November

Weekly Updoot #6

8. disease prototype assets

Elf snatching and new prototype coming up!