Privacy Policy

Flamebait Games Privacy Policy

1. Who is processing your data?

Flamebait AB, also known as Flamebait Games, is the data controller for the processing of your personal data. We are a registered company located at
Kaplansgatan 16b, 54 134, Skövde, Sweden
For analytics, your data is also controlled by Unity Technologies. Contact information for both these companies is located in the last section of this document.

2. What information do we collect, and how long do we keep it?

We collect information from you in the following ways:

Information provided by you. Information provided when subscribing to our e-mail lists, or when using social features such as game leaderboards.

Information we get or generate from your use of our games or services. We collect data related to your game play and in-game activity.

Information collected from external sources. We may receive information about you from public sites, like YouTube and Twitch. We may also receive information when you use social features such as a “like” or “share” button on our games and pages.

We will keep it only for as long as we need it. We will keep your information for as short as possible with the following exceptions:

ANALYTICS – Analytics will be aggregated on a yearly basis. We will not keep your analytics data for longer than 380 days.

MAILING LISTS – If you have subscribed to our mailing list you will remain subscribed for as long as you subscribe to any category of content, such as the Flamebait Newsletter or a game’s alpha signup. We will clear this list by our discretion, at least yearly, from all subscribers who do not subscribe to any category of content.

LEADERBOARDS – Some of our games may use a leaderboard feature in-game, where your score is shown publicly for comparison. There are available on platforms such as Steam and uses your account there to associate with the score. While we may remove leaderboard scores at our discretion the entries are generally permanent. Contact us if you want your scores removed.

LEGAL RECORDS – We keep records as support for any actual or anticipated legal matter for up to 7 years.

3. Why do we process your data?

Flamebait Games collects and uses your data for the following purposes:

Gameplay Experience. Creating even better games for you to enjoy! This includes:

• Leaderboards – allowing you to compare yourself to others

Business optimization and service development. We conduct troubleshooting, research, analysis and product and service development to provide you with the best gameplay experiences and services. This includes:

• Analytics – which uses device type, country, device language, in-game behavior and purchases, IP address, Apple’s Advertising Identifier (IDFA), and Google Play advertising ID.

• Reporting – which may use your e-mail address.

Global Customer Service. Providing you with personalized support to investigate and address any possible difficulty you might experience with our games or services. This uses your e-mail address and possibly your name (if provided).

Social Features. We enable communication between our players. This involves our Discord server which you connect to with your discord account.

4. What are Flamebait Game’s legal bases for data processing?

We process the above in accordance with the egal bases determined as follows:

Necessary for the performance of your game contract or any other feature you request or enable. Some data is required for our leaderboard to function.

Consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Consent is achieved through explicit agreement for mailing lists, by actively participating with our services, and by playing our games.

5. With whom may we share our data?

Public forums. They are, well, public. Anything you say in the channels will be visible for everyone. We cannot control who views this information as it’s publicly available.

Analytics. As part of our agreement with Unity. They may use aggregated information at their discretion.

Acquisition & Merger. In the case that Flamebait AB is sold. The data we have will belong to the new owner.

6. International Transfer

While your data may leave the EU, our partners ensures this is done in a manner that complies with GDPR.

7. What rights do I have?

Access my data:

You may be able to receive a report about the data Flamebait stores on you. Please contact us at if you wish to do so.


You may have a right to request the deletion of some of your data. This can be done by:

• Access your Analytics settings – this is done via the game you wish to delete data from.

• The unsubscribe link in e-mails we send you


You may object to the processing of your data if you believe Flamebait doesn’t have the appropriate rights to engage in that processing or if you wish to ask Flamebait not to process your personal data. Please contact us at if you wish to do so.


You can correct your personal data if you feel it’s inaccurate. Please contact us at if you wish to do so.

Restrict Processing:

You can request that your data no longer be processed in certain cases. When objecting, you will be given an option to restrict processing.


You have the right to be able to move data from one company to another. While this is not very applicable to us. We will provide a file with very basic information should you request it.

8. What level of security is applied to your personal information

We aim for our partners to maintain appropriate security for your personal information, and we will train our personnel in proper data management.

9. Note to parents

Our games do not target children, as children under 13 may not play or games, and those between the ages 13 and 18 need parental consent before engaging in this activity. If you as a parent do consent, know that our games collect analytics by default. We therefore recommend you opt out of this by clicking the privacy button accessible in the game’s main menu or settings menu. This prevents us from collecting data of your child’s play experience. If you find your child playing our games without your consent you can still find the aforementioned button in the game to delete all play data we have on your child.

10. Further information or complaints

If you wish to know more you can write to
You can reach Unity Technologies at

Last updated 6/2018