Funding Your Indie Game With PIPs   A Three-Step Plan

Published: 09:15 CET 1st April


Hello everyone. Mattias here, CEO and Game Director for Flamebait games. Today we wanted to talk a bit about how we secured $2M funding for Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist without tying ourselves to a publisher or investor.

Games are expensive to make. This is no secret to anyone inside or even outside the business of making games. So, how do we afford making these projects? Well today I'll walk you through our three-step plan to maximize passive employee revenues through licensing PIPs. 

What is a PIP? It stands for Personal Intellectual Property but could just be thought of as someone's unique and exciting identity. It's something that every single person is building on a daily basis through their actions and that is a heavily underutilized asset.

Now that we have our ground covered I'm sure you're wondering how we utilize PIPs. Well let me walk you through our easy three step process:

1. Build A Foundation Through Smart Agreements
You know those big EULAs you need to read for each account your signing up for? Well studies show that you're not actually reading them. Where others would see a problem we saw opportunity. If we frame our agreements with our employees the same way as an EULA we found that we were able to add in some extra terms without objection. 

What you do is quite simple, you make sure to add a term that allows you to use their PIP as a means to earn revenue. Voila! The foundation is set! We did this for our own employees a few years ago just to open up for the opportunities we've recently embarked upon.
2. Assess Opportunities With Your PIPs
Assessing your PIPs is crucial for success. Not every PIP is fit for every venture, so analyze them carefully! In our case we saw that we had a team of lovable nerds so naturally we wanted to lean in to those aspects.
3. Hustle!

If you don't wake up at 6AM and start the hustle you'll lose the race they say. You need to do the same! Embrace all the positive mindset in the world, make your bed each morning and leap out of your comfort zone because these opportunities won't be hanging around in your kitchen.

We started exploring some merchandising and perfume opportunities. I was probably hustling 12 hours a day. Non-stop grinding. Word spread around and we eventually got approached by another game developer. We didn't expect our PIP venture to be so close to our own day-to-day operations but it was tremendously helpful since we understood that market. A deal was struck!

The Result

Thanks to our hustle and clever PIP management we managed to secure a deal where we license our employees PIP to Rotten Racoon Studios to be used for their dating sim. They just so happened to be looking into making a dating sim about gamedevs and our lovable nerds was the perfect fit!

The game is launching today which is why I'm finally able to talk about this great achievement. You should check out the game and chat me up if you have any questions on how you can maximize PIPs in your own company. Next up on our horizon is of course how we can turn our employees into NFT's on the blockchain.

Grind the Hustle,

Mattias, CEO extraordinare

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