Verlet Swing Twitch Integration


As a Streamer, you can let your viewers interact with your Verlet Swing game session through chat messages. To enable the Twitch integrations, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the setting menu in the game and click the tab that says “Twitch”.
  2. Enter you channel name and username into the corresponding fields.
  3. Go to and generate an Oauth token (unless you already have one) and enter it into the corresponding field.
  4. Press the “connect” button. If the connection fails, make sure that you channel name and username are corrent and that your Oauth token starts with “oauth:”.

The integration is based on a voting system and when enabled, events will appear perodically (the events frequency can be set in the options menu) with 2-4 voting options for the viewers along with each event. Each option is represented by a number. When an event appears, viewers can vote for one of the options by typing, for example, “!vote3”, if they wish to vote for the third option. The voting lasts for 45 seconds and the event option that gets the most amount of votes will be activated for 60 seconds. The events include things like modifyng the game speed, spawning objects into the levels and altering the controls. A more detailed description can be found below. The only event where viewers can post custom messages that will appear in the game is an event that is limited to the messages “GG!” “boi!” “Cool!” and “EZ”. These messages are accompanied by a realistic and complex text-to-voice system. You can enable or disable the Twitch integration at any time during your play session by opening the settings in the pause menu.

In the settings menu, you can customize which types of events will appear by clicking the button on the right that says “show/hide configurable events”. Below you can a find description of each event group.


  • Time
    • Time fluctuations – game speed speeds up and slows down periodically
    • Double game speed – game speed is doubled
  • Gravity
    • Gravity X 2.5 – multiplies gravity by 2.5
    • Wind – adds wind to all levels, the player gets force added in the wind’s direction
    • Anti Gravity – flips gravity direction
  • Rope Color – permanent event without expiration timer
    • Red – red color
    • Green – green color
    • Blue – blue color
  • Sound
    • Silly death – modifies death sound
    • Happy swings – plays a sound effect when releasing the rope
    • Screaming – adds a constant screaming effect that gets louder the faster the player goes
    • Better pitch – modifies the pitch of all sound depending on how fast the player goes
  • Post Processing 
    • Party Mode – inverts colors and adds a circular effect on the screen, also modifies music
    • Epic Movie – Adds black bars to the screen, also modifies color scheme, very dramatic
    • Retro – Pixelates the screen, modifies color scheme and changes music/sounds
  • Spawn Objects
    • Meatball Storm – continuously spawns meatballs in the level
    • Bubbles – continuously spawns bubbles in the level
  • Overlay Messages
    • Special event that happens when the player completes a world, this allows the users in the chat to send 1 out of 4 different messages to the game that shows up on the screen and also plays a sound effect, these alternatives are “boi!”, “GG!”, “EZ” and “Cool!”
    • Controls
    • Inverted movement – inverts movement controls (W is back, S is forward etc)
    • Inverted looking – inverts look control (look left would be right, up is down etc)
    • Horizontal flip – flips the game screen and movement/look controls horizontally (horizontal mirror)
  • Annoying
    • Summon Klippy – summons klippy, a character that stays on screen and assists the player in many ways
    • Rocky Boat – screen space effect that causes the screen to wave back and forth
    • I see you – an eye is spawned in front of the player that moves around
  • Water
    • Flood – continuously increases the water level
    • Koi – Spawns a lot of koi fishes that dive around the level
  • Movement
    • Bungee rope – modifies the rope to act more like a bungee rope
    • Slack rope – modifies the rope to not drag the player towards the rope hit point
    • Bouncy Player – modifies the player to bounce off surfaces instead of dying on collision