[15/03/2019] Flamebait’s Looking for a Marketing and Community Manager!

The six-man team of Flamebait is looking to expand! We value creative freedom, experimentation
and the swift death of our darlings. Flexibility and the ability to change direction fast is something
we strongly believe in. Flamebait released Passpartout: The Starving Artist in 2017 and Verlet Swing
in 2018, currently working on the newly announced Forge And Fight. We’re looking for a Marketing and Community Manager to join us in our adventure!

You’ll be working on-site (also open to off-site solutions) in Skövde with the tight-knit team, doing
marketing and community things. As we’re a small team you should expect a dynamic work place
where tasks that aren’t strictly related to marketing may fall upon your shoulders. We value
everyone’s opinions and input so this is the workplace where you can truly shape the games we
work on

What you’ll do:

  • Work together with us in establishing and developing the Flamebait brand and our style of
  • Ensure our external communication is consistent and effective
  • Making sure our marketing materials are on point and consistent
  • Managing our Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and the like) and making sure we actively participate in online discussions
  • Become an established member of the community, having a high level of trust and respect
  • Establish and enforce mutual respect and helpfulness in our communities as well as interact directly with members to promote a good feeling and settle disputes
  • Create and maintain community focused events, contests etc
  • Work together with us to promote big releases to the community and the world
  • Build relationship with press and influencers
  • Together with other team members attend game related conferences and exhibitions
  • Handle support requests from our players
  • Work with us to create new and interesting games

The requirements:

  • Great social skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • An affinity for taking initiative and working independently
  • A strong interest in games, game communities and social media
  • It’s a plus if you know graphics design and/or have experience with image/video editing
  • Great skill in English, both in speaking and writing

Here’s what you’d get out of it:

  • $$$ (also known as salary, or economic compensation for work performed)
  • An 80’s double-exposure photograph of yourself
  • At least one (1) but not limited to one (1) Flamebait Hoodie to be used at your own pleasure
  • Cool office, own chair and all
  • Paid gym membership
  • A chance to work with a up and coming team that just loves creating weird games


The job is full-time preferably on site here in Skövde starting as soon as possible. We’re also open to
off-site solutions. Send your application to jobs@flamebaitgames.com. It’s a good idea to include a
resume and a cover letter.

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