GAMES = ART? Passpartout Release Date Announced

May 23, 2017 – Skövde, Sweden – Flamebait Games announced the release date of its next game, “Passpartout” on Steam and Gamejolt 6th of June. Watch the teaser trailer at

What is art? Are games art? Tackle the big questions in Passpartout! You might think you can’t draw, which is probably true. However, that hasn’t stopped people from becoming renowned artists before! Draw your own masterpieces while trying to please a range of rude customers. Will your stickman end up in the Louvre or on a fridge?

Like most young artists, you start out from nothing. Even though you spend your days in a moldy storage unit in the outskirts of Paris you still have hope. One day you will be recognized as one of the greats. The only thing in the way of your great adventure is your addiction to wine and baguettes. You must paint to survive in order to earn enough fame and cash to progress in the peculiar art scene. Will you be remembered or forever forgotten?

Making an artist simulator as a first title might be brilliant or stupid from a business perspective but we’re proud of trying to bring something fresh to the indie game scene.” – Mattias, CEO of Flamebait

Programming an AI to judge art has been a weirdly fun experience. It’s going to be great to hear the players’ response to their rude remarks!” – Niklas, Programmer

Check out the teaser trailer at On the 6th of June, Passpartout will be available on Steam and Gamejolt! Visit our store pages at and

Flamebait Games is an independent developer of small experimental PC games. Founded in November 2016 we’re working on our first title, Passpartout, which first saw the world in December 2015. Visit us online at


Please contact us for questions or to request a Press Copy of Passpartout!

Mattias Lindblad, CEO of Flamebait Games

You can find our presskit at

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