Weekly Art Contest #8 – Autumn Theme!

Fellow artists! Our seventh Weekly Art Contest has come to a close and the eighth one is to begin! Well done @Baguettepang for winning this past week’s contest!

The rules are as simple as rules get. Create your masterpiece in Passpartout, follow the given theme, and post it to Twitter (either by using the in-game feature, or manually by saving it as a screenshot). The internet is huge, so for discoverability purposes, you must also include the hashtag #PasspartoutWeekly and tag us in the tweet (@FlamebaitGames), otherwise it might get lost 🙁

The theme for this week is Autumn!

The winner of this glorious competition will acquire two Steam codes for the game, will be featured in our banner images on Facebook and Twitter, AND will get their artwork featured in the main menu of the game!! The deadline is next monday (September 18th) at 06:00 AM PST, or 01:00 PM GMT. The winner will be announced in the following hours!

May the paint be ever in your favour!

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