Weekly Update #14


This week we got some really fancy environment stuff put together, a cash register was also animated (most fun animation work ever, believe me).


We talked last week about how the aesthetics of Passpartout takes a lot of inspiration from doll theaters, which is examplified in the image above. Those of you who come from Sweden and are familiar with “Skrotnisse” will also probably notice the resemblance from that.

Anyway, I did promise some cash register action, this is how it reacts to a costumer purchasing a painting:


A few of us also got together this friday and made a bunch of marionette puppets, as a case study, I guess. They turned out pretty damn freaky, not gonna lie.

freaky marionettes

Besides from this, some code wizard related progress was probably made, not going to delve into that today though. We did however get accepted into the game incubator here in Skövde this week, which means we will get support regarding all the business that surrounds the actual game production, as well as an office. So that’s pretty cool.

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