This week has been all about facelifting the game and at this point has been about half lifted.

Due to self imposed time constraints we have decided to drop a sleeping mechanic which we have been working on. This means that the bed and the room containing said bed has been made obsolte. By building on the foundation that we had already set with the old house we have started making a newer better one (with blackjack and hooks for clothing!).

We’re going to be working on updating the surrounding environment to make it look less depressing soon.
The textures of characters is also being updated. Here’s a picture of baguetteman 3.0 for reference:


As you might be able to tell we’ve decided to take a slightly different approach with texturing work. To make the game look less depressing we’re going with a handpainted approach. Here are some materials that have been made so far:


Also Niklas the programmer has been doing maths. We thought you should know.

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