Regarding the Status of DecoStep

As you might know, we have been working on a game called “DecoStep” for the last couple of months which aims to encourage physical activities such as walking and jogging. A few weeks back, after a couple of hours in a meeting room, we came to the decision that we should put the development of DecoStep on hold for now. All of us at Flamebait want to prioritize transparency with our consumers, so in this post we’re going to explain some of the reasoning behind this decision and what we intend to be doing in the coming months.

The main reason we decided to create a game for a mobile platform was because we had a solid idea for a marketable product that would only work on said platform.  We haven’t really seen exercise apps focus on the entertainment aspect to the degree we intended on the market before. On top of this we also wanted to explore areas we found valuable to learn more about. Despite all this, however, we lack some experience within mobile development that is necessary to make a good game within a reasonable timeframe.

After discussing this with the artist who helped us with concept art and illustrations for the project, we all agreed that it’s not something we feel excited to work on. Neither is it something that utilizes our skills in a very good way. The core concept of this company is that we want to develop small games with a relatively short development cycles; around four months for each project. We don’t want to lock ourselves into projects with lengthy development times. We realized that if we really want to make DecoStep a reality, we would have to spend a lot more time than four months on it, considering the fact that it requires a very large amount of graphical assets and continuous maintenance for probably at least a year to be viable.

We are all a lot more experienced with minimalistic PC games and that is primarily what we want to be working on. So in the future to come we will be prototyping (game-jamming) a large number of game concepts in order to find a game that we will develop further and hopefully release in the not too distant future.

And with this said, initiate corny quote mode;

“Nothing endures but change.”
– Heraclitus.


If you’re interested in our prototypes we’ll be sharing them on social media for download!



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